We are doing something different.

We are helping employees and stockholders of today’s leading, venture-backed companies unlock the value of their private stock wealth.

VSL Partners provides an alternative form of financing to stockholders of leading pre-IPO, venture-backed companies. Since 2014, our experienced team has helped employees and stockholders maximize the value of their equity holdings.

We do this because we believe stock-based compensation is an important driver of the growth economy. It is widely recognized that employees are more motivated to perform when they have a tangible stake in their company’s success. Today’s leading companies recognize that their employees are valuable assets and seek to promote a culture of ownership.

Our innovative financing has two primary uses:


We believe that all private company employees should have the ability to exercise their options and receive all the benefits of share ownership, including better tax treatment of future gains and freedom of choice. Working with VSL Partners, option holders can finance the exercise of their options with no out-of-pocket costs and without risking their own capital, using only the exercised shares as collateral.


Entrepreneurs are understandably bullish on their company’s future potential. To help protect this source of future value, VSL Partners provides an alternative source of liquidity that does not require a current stock sale. Working with VSL Partners, stockholders are able to generate personal liquidity without paying current taxes and hold on to more of their hard earned equity.